Sunday, October 20, 2013

Early Talk on 2014 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Films: “Jagten” vs. “The Past”

Early Talk on 2014 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Films: “Jagten” v.s “The Past”

It’s still October, dammit! But with the record-breaking 76 countries submitting their films to compete for the 86th Annual Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Films, who on earth does not feel excited about it? Because I feel really excited! Best Foreign Language Films always becomes a getaway if you feel bored with all these similarly-themed Hollywood films playing on cinemas. And with the new regulation made by AMPAS that allowed countries to submit films not in their mother-tongue language, we can feel the heat even before the real competition is begun. Why? Because many of them have become champion in numerous international film awards, not to mention the two I’m gonna discuss in this post.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Melancholy of “Melancholia”: Wedding-Gone-Wrong, World's End, and Thoughts about Human Despair


Note: this review might reveal some clues about the movie’s plot (which you might find a bit spoiler-y) but I assure you it won’t ruin your excitement in watching the movie. I don’t know much about Lars von Trier previously, but some internet browsing got me informed about the Danish director’s style of filmmaking. And “Melancholia”, the second film in his “Trilogy of Depression” after “Antichrist”, describes a pretty blatant controversy about despair and melancholy in the time when earth is about to collide with an alien planet.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Brilliance of "Gravity" and Why It Is The Best Movie of 2013 So Far


I’m not exactly sure about how I should start my writing about “Gravity”, not because the movie is so bad that I can’t crystalize my opinion about it (and not because I haven’t written anything in the last three weeks either), but I am afraid my poor English can not describe how spectacular “Gravity” is. But let me put it this way: “Gravity” does not only offer a story—it offers an unforgettable cinematic experience you can’t buy by watching it on DVD. Edgar Wright once tweeted that we should watch it on the biggest screen we can find in our town, again because Alfonso CuarĂ³n does not only deliver a sci-fi with lots of visual effects—he brings a bare side-by-side comparison between human powerlessness and the enormity of the universe.